As part of a regular routine the girls from London escorts and I tend to book in girly dates where we go out get our nails done get our hair done go for a good late lunch and then we hit the bars and clubs to the early hours of the morning. Because our work is quite demanding timewise we always like to book in the special times where we can just be with each other and not have to think about work or any other responsibilities. The girls at London escort‘s like myself are party animals so we love to go out and have a good dance break out of sweat and burn some calories.


Since the pandemic hit unfortunately not only where the girls from London escort tonight unable to work we were unable to meet up and spend good quality time together in the way that we used to. However since the ease of lockdown and the restrictions have been lifted the girls and I immediately planned a day out together which ended up being an amazing night out to.


We started off as a group going to go and get a nails and our hair done then we moved on to have a late lunch in the late afternoon at one of our favourite restaurants where we knew that we would eat plenty line our stomachs and then go home to get ready to go out and hit the clubs and the bars.


As we are out getting on nails and hair done I end up having an argument with one of the nail technicians due to the increase in price that was not told twice prior to getting our nails done. In the end I let it slide and we moved on had a lovely lunch and then went back to get ready to go out to the clubs. Normally before we go to the club we end up hitting the bars for a few pre-drinks and to meet some of the other girls from London escorts at who weren’t necessarily with us for lunch.


However at the bar as we’re ordering our drinks like when we were at the nail salon the bill came in exceptionally higher than usual. I queried with the bartender and asked them why is the cost of one Jack Daniel‘s and Coke and one gin and tonic double the price of what it was before. Let’s be honest London prices especially for drinks and not cheap in the first place so £18 for one drink seems a little bit over the top. Like the nail technician at the nail bar the The bartender could not justify the increase in price this now started to really get on my nerves as this was a second time this happened to me today. The girls from London escorts were happy to cover the bill but I said it’s not a case of money is a case of principle at the end of the day yes we earn a really good wage at London escort and we are really lucky to be able to be in that position however the inflation on basic things is is getting a bit ridiculous and unrealistic and it was really starting to get on my nerves.

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