About Egypt

About Egypt


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"About Egypt I shall have a great deal more to relate because of the number of remarkable things which this country contains, and because of the fact that more monuments which beggar description are to be found there than anywhere in the world".

Herodotus, 430BC

We are here to help you to know Egypt better

EGYPT occupies the Northeastern corner of Africa and is connected to Asia by the Sinai Peninsula. It covers 386,000 square miles with a population of 62 million living mainly on the Nile River banks. Cairo is its capital.

Egypt can be divided into 6 touristic major regions:

  1. Cairo, where you can visit : Menphis, Dahshur, Giza , Meidum, Sakkara.
  2. North Coast, where you can visit : Alexandria , Al Alamein.
  3. Upper Egypt,where you can visit : Luxor, Aswan, Abu simble, Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo.
  4. Red Sea, where you can visit : Hurghada, Safaga, El quseir, Ain Elsukhna, Suez.
  5. Sinai, where you can visit : Sharm El Sheikh, Ras Mohamed, St.Catherine, Dahab, Nuweibaa, Taba, El Arish.
  6. Oasis, where you can visit : Fayoum, Siwa, Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhila, Kharga.



Egypt is blessed by temperate and stable weather all the year round. The month of December, January and February are no more than chilly, but bright and usually warm during day-time. The summers are hot but mainly dry.



In summer, light clothing and closed comfortable shoes are recommended. Hats and sunglasses are advisable as protection from the sun. Whilst evenings are cooler in the autumn, and winter may require a warm sweater or a jacket.



The official language of Egypt is Arabic language, but English and French are spoken widely. Italian, Greek, Spanish and German are also spoken. Besides, there are guides for all languages including Chinese and Japanese.



There is a big variety of restaurants offering a variety of International food (French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Lebanese, American and fast food).



Optional shopping tours can be arranged upon request to include one of the many street markets that are to be found in Egypt. Especially famous is Khan El-Khalili Bazaar in Cairo where silver, gold, bronze and leather goods are relatively inexpensive.



Tow hours in advance of Greenwich mean time and three hours for summer time which starts on May 1st and ends on October 1st .



Electrical current throughout Egypt is 220 volts.