Condoms help the wearer to dodge an STI. They are also one of the most effective ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies. What could possibly go wrong with such a glamorized contraceptive? The answer is: plenty of things. Here are the dangers of wearing a condom to prevent to protect yourself:

Allergic reactions
This is perhaps the most dreaded danger of condom use. Some of the wearers, albeit a tiny fraction of them, have a vicious allergy to rubber, the substance that is often used to make condoms and car tires. If you feel itching immediately after sex during which you wore a condom, there is a strong chance you don’t get along with rubber. CDC (Centre for Diseases Control) estimates that between 8 and 12 percent of Americans are allergic to Latex. But that’s not all. Some manufacturers occasionally add some spermicides on condoms during production, all for your own good. Symptoms can be typical of any illness you’d ignore, like itching, slight nausea, and mild rashes. In the long run, however, things can get out of hand for some people.

Stuck condoms
I recently saw a not-so-pleased lass in a forum telling of how she felt an object down there which, after close investigation, turned out to be a condom – over 24 hours after sex, it only downed to her that it had worn off from a drunk boyfriend. She was lucky, as some cases go days or even weeks before discovery. Over half of the time, it leads to infections in the vaginal area or creates an incredibly stinky environment around there. Watch out!

Visible damage that you fail to notice
Have you ever inspected your condoms closely before wearing them? Study shows that over two-thirds of users skip this seemingly obvious step. You need to be worried because the manufacturers of condoms are not perfect and, once in a while, an error – can be a hole or an unacceptably thin wall – escapes their computers or whoever inspects them. Wearing such condoms just gives a false sense of security but you could be still exposed to an STI or even pregnancy.

Torn condoms
This can be unfortunate. If a condom gets torn while you are at the height of the action, you should immediately forget about protection from any STI – chances are you’ve been exposed to it if you suspect it’s there. Cases of a condom getting torn during sex are quite common but not entirely unavoidable especially if you avoid being overly rough.

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