My Neighbours Have Found Out That I Work For A London Escorts Agency  

I am not sure what I am going to do. The problem is that my neighbours have found out that I work for a London escorts agency. Since then, none of them have spoken to me. They do see me, they kind of look at me in a funny way. I am sure that they were surprised, but you would have thought that they would have realised that even London escorts have to live somewhere.


Fortunately for me, I don’t own this flat. I guess that I could move and live somewhere else in London, why should I have to do that? I have lived here for a long time, the rent is right and I have been able to save towards buying my own flat in London. I know that dating London escorts is not for everybody, but they really don’t have to date me. All they have to do is to be polite to me. My biggest concern is that they will tell my landlord.


What would my landlord say if he found out that I work for London escorts at Charlotte Grays Escorts? I am worried that the other people who live in the building are going to tell my landlord. I have heard of this sort of thing happening to other London escorts. Their landlords find out and they are asked to move out. I would be really annoyed if it happened to me. After all, I have paid the rent on time all of the time and my landlord has never experienced any problems with me at all.


Working for a London escorts service is not always easy. You can’t really tell your landlord that you are an escort in London as he probably would not want you to live there. I know many escorts in London who have had the same problem. They found a flat to live in, and before you know it, the new landlord have found out that you work for a London escorts agency. The result is almost always the same – you end up looking for another place to call home.


One of my neighbours threaten to call the police. As far as I know, working for a London escorts agency is not something which is illegal in modern day London. I work as an outcall escort which means that I only visit gentlemen in the privacy of their homes. I do think that things would be different if I actually worked as an incall girl in the apartment that I live in. In that case, I feel that my neighbours would be right to let my landlord know. But, as I don’t run a business from my apartment I don’t see that there is a problem. It would be nice if people were a bit more open-minded when it came to London escorts. Many members of the general do have such as negative view of escorts in London.