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Pervaded with an impressive sense of permanence and duration, Egypt is an eternal amalgam of two things: the constancy of the Nile and the labors of its people.Seven thousand years of history have been fashioned from these elements. Like the gigantic bird migrations that sweep up the valley, storming foreigners - Persian, Greek, Arab, Turkish and British - have passed across Egypt in magnificent spectacle, but in their wake the country has remained essentially unchanged.

Egypt is one of the rare countries in the world which offers the visitor diverse cultural exposure and entertainment. It is the land of physical beauty and variety, unparalleled in the world of desert landscapes, peaceful farms, towering buildings, eternal monuments, oases for those who seek peace and tranquility, and relaxing sandy beaches ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving.

With Arab African Tours Egypt, you will explore Egypt that has drawn visitors for centuries, you will experience its historical heritage covering Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Coptic and Islamic era, as well as contemporary Egypt with its modern hotels, restaurants, gambling casinos and nightclubs. You can also go ahead in the route of Prophet Moses in his flight to Sinai, and throught the flight of the Holly Family to Egypt.